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Checklist founding Ltd via Companies Made Simple

We can incorporate the Ltd through Companies Made Simple, but we need a few things.

first of all, we need an agreement of the assignment. If we have not yet been in touch, please do so first.

Have you read the 'Set up Info Ltd' page? Yes? Then we can continue.

Please complete the form with all necessary personal information per director / Shareholder. Is the Shareholder a company? Then contact us by email.

Ending with:
Activity of the Ltd
Trading (R2R)
Trading (Flip)
Investing (BTL of BRRRR)

Further necessities:

Companies Made simple will send an e-mail that requires every director to confirm:
- Proof of ID: Copy of passport / ID which clearly show picture and data. After these are uploaded the next step is: online facial recognition (using webcam or phone camera)
- Proof of address: A recent copy (no older than 3 months) of an energybill, letter of the government or bank statement that clearly has name and address visible (mobile phone bills excluded).

We will send you an invoice for incorporation and once this has been paid, the Ltd will be incorporated within 24 to 48 hours (weekdays).


For collaborations, questions, remarks, feedback, ideas, shared grief, complaints and anything else; contact me!

+31 619033380

Working together

IIf you have a large network and bring in new customers, you will receive € 25 per new client after all formalities have been completed

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